UK Spouse visa extension

UK Spouse Visa Extension process

The process of extending a spouse visa in the UK can be complex, especially when faced with UK immigration regulations and policies. Therefore, it is essential to understand the steps of the spouse visa extension process for a hassle-free experience.

Through preparation and making an accurate application, you can significantly improve your odds of achieving a successful result. This detailed guide will provide you with all the crucial pieces of information about the procedure, helping you extend your stay in the UK with your loved one.

Understanding UK Spouse Visa Extension

For those residing in the UK on a spouse visa, it’s critical to think about extending your visa before its expiration date. A standard UK spouse visa usually lasts 2.5 years, and as this period nears its end, you need to apply for a visa extension. This ensures your continued stay in the UK with your spouse or partner.

UK Spouse visa extension is a process that allows the spouse of a settled UK individual to extend their stay. This extension grants an additional 2.5 years of residence, after which you may qualify to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) – a status granting permanent residence in the UK.

UK spouse visa extension depends on several criteria, including your capacity to prove a genuine and sustained relationship with your spouse. It’s important to note that to be successful in your spouse visa extension application, you need a thorough understanding of the UK immigration standards and must ensure strict compliance with these regulations.

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UK Spouse Visa Extension Requirements

Here are some of the most important requirements for a UK spouse visa extension:

1. Age and Residency Requirements

To be eligible for a UK spouse visa extension, both you and your partner need to be aged 18 or above. Moreover, you should have lived in the UK for at least 2.5 years under your current spouse visa. 

A significant point to bear in mind is that UK immigration laws necessitate the submission of an extension application before the expiry of your ongoing spouse visa. This step is vital to retain your legal residency status and the privilege to reside in the UK.

2. Genuine Relationship Requirements

Another application requirement is to provide evidence of a natural and continuous relationship with your UK spouse. This involves demonstrating that you are both living together in the UK and plan to continue doing so.

Evidence that supports this requirement can include joint bank account statements, tenancy agreements, and other documents that show shared responsibilities. Showing a detailed paper trail goes a long way in convincing the Home Office of the legitimacy of your relationship.

3. Financial Maintenance Requirement

The financial criteria for all family visas in the UK will be adjusted, increasing from £18,600 to £29,000 on April 11th 2024, with a further rise to £38,700 anticipated by early 2025. The UK government frequently updates these requirements. For the latest information and guidance on meeting these financial standards, read our dedicated page, or please reach out to us directly.

If you have a dependent child who is not a British national or permanently settled, an extra £3,800 is required for the first child and £2,400 for each additional child. 

4. English Language Requirement

For UK spouse visa extension process, you must also be asked to prove your proficiency in the English language, as recognised by UK visa and immigration application norms. This means meeting level A2 of the English language. 

You may fulfil this requirement through an English language test or academic credentials conducted or researched in English (UK NARIC recognised).

5. Good Character Requirement

Maintaining a clean record is essential in the UK spouse visa extension application. Any immigration breaches or criminal convictions can negatively impact your application. The good character requirement considers any criminal records, financial soundness, and adherence to UK laws.

Understanding and fulfilling these criteria is your first step to successfully extending your stay in the UK as a spouse. 

UK Spouse Visa Extension Application Process

The process of UK spouse visa extension application involves a few steps. Let’s walk through them.

1. Gather Your Documents & Evidence

As part of the UK spouse visa extension application, you’ll need to provide several types of documents and evidence. These are broadly categorised into personal identification documents, financial documents, relationship evidence, and proof of English language command. 

  1. Personal Identification Documents: These consist of your current passport or other valid travel identification and your biometric residence permit if you have one.
  2. Financial Documents: To meet the financial requirement, you’ll need your partner’s payslips, P60s, and bank statements. If you’re using other sources of income or savings, relevant supporting documents will be needed.
  3. Relationship Evidence: As mentioned earlier, documents that prove your relationship with your spouse include things like joint bank statements, tenancy agreements, or utility bills.
  4. Proof of English Language Proficiency: This could be your degree certificate or the results of your English language test.

2. Online Application 

After gathering the necessary documents, you need to apply online to extend your spouse visa. The application form is comprehensive and requires detailed information. It’s vital to provide accurate data and ensure your application is error-free. 

Upon completing the application, you must bear the application fee and the Immigration Health Surcharge. Always remember to apply for the extension before your present visa expires to avoid breaching UK immigration rules.

The fee for an extension of a spouse visa is £1,048 at the time of writing the article. The Immigration Health Surcharge fee is £1,035. Kindly note that these fees are subject to change, and it is always advisable to check the latest fee before applying.

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3. Attend the Interview (If Needed)

In some instances, you could be requested to sit for an interview as a part of your UK spouse visa extension process. This typically occurs if the Home Office requires additional details or certain parts of your application require more explanation. 

If an interview is necessitated, it’s crucial to get ready in earnest. Make sure you understand your application and the supplementary documents you’ve provided and be prepared to respond to queries about your relationship and your lifestyle in the UK.

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What Happens if Your UK Spouse Visa Extension is Refused?

A refusal is not the end of the road. There are ways to challenge the decision, but first, it’s essential to understand why your application was refused.

Upon refusal, you’ll receive a letter describing the grounds for the decision. The most common reasons for refusal typically revolve around failure to meet the financial requirement or not adequately demonstrating a genuine and subsisting relationship with your spouse. It’s crucial to study the refusal letter in detail, as it will guide your next steps.

If you believe the decision on your UK spouse visa extension is incorrect, you can challenge it through an Administrative Review or Judicial Review. These procedures assess whether the original decision was made correctly according to the immigration rules and the evidence provided. 

It’s advisable to consult with specialist spouse visa solicitors to guide you through the process and increase your chances of a successful challenge.

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You Ask, We Answer

FAQs About UK Fiance Visas

No, the rules of the Home Office UK visa department stipulate that you must be within the UK to apply for a spouse visa extension. Applications for extensions made from outside the UK will be rejected.

It is advised that you apply for a UK spouse visa extension before your current one expires, preferably 28 days before it expires. This provides ample time to prepare and submit your spouse visa extension application within the set timelines.

You can remain in the UK while your application is being processed as long as you apply for the extension before your current spouse visa expires. This is known as ‘Section 3C Leave’.

Yes, you can continue to work in the UK while waiting for a decision on your spouse visa extension, provided you applied before the expiry of your present visa.

The processing time for a spouse visa extension can vary. However, you can expect to get a decision on your spouse visa extension within 8 weeks of the date you applied.

Need Help with Spouse Visa Extension? 

Applying for a UK spouse visa extension is no small task; it’s a pivotal step that could shape your future life in this country. At Spouse Visa Lawyers, we fully comprehend the gravity of this process and are devoted to offering the support you need.

Our well-versed and diligent team of spouse visa solicitors are ready to steer you through this journey, ensuring that you tick all the boxes and submit a thorough application. We’re equipped to offer guidance customised to your individual situation, helping you sidestep common missteps and amplify your chances of a favourable outcome.

The information provided in our articles is intended solely for guidance and should not be considered legal advice. We do not assume responsibility for any liabilities arising from the information in written articles and recommend that all readers seek professional advice before taking any action. For those wishing to discuss their case with a professional, please feel free to contact us directly.

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