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UK Spouse Visa English Test 2024 Comprehensive Guide

The UK spouse visa is a ray of hope for many wishing to join their loved ones in the UK. However, getting this visa requires meeting several requirements. One key requirement is the English test. The Home Office sets this test. It’s not just a formality but a way to show the applicant can fit into British society.

This article will discuss the English Language requirement for a UK spouse visa. It aims to help applicants understand and meet the visa application requirements.

The Significance of UK Spouse Visa English Test

While the UK enjoys a rich blend of languages, English remains the binding thread. Those eager for a UK spouse visa must illustrate more than just basic communication skills in English. They need to show they can genuinely belong in the UK’s vibrant community. The Home Office has set stringent guidelines in this regard, seeing language proficiency as a way to nurture cohesive communities.

The route to proving this proficiency varies. Some may need to head to an approved test centre for an evaluation. Others with degrees taught in English might simply submit their academic credentials to fulfil this criteria. However, the end goal remains unchanged: assuring the Home Office of your English language prowess.

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Understanding the Spouse Visa English Test

The English language test isn’t your typical English exam; it’s a precise tool to measure one’s speaking and listening skills. The aim? To ensure every spouse visa holder can interact effectively and naturally meld into the UK’s societal fabric. The Home Office only entrusted this task to their approved test providers to guarantee consistency.

Enter the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). This global standard, used to rate language skills, has specific levels like A1, A2, and B1. The A1 English test, for instance, checks if one can grasp and use everyday expressions. As you climb this ladder, the tests become more challenging, reflecting the growing complexities of the English language.

Every test centre in the UK, whether it’s an IELTS SELT consortium or Trinity College London, adheres to these CEFR levels, ensuring consistency.

Approved UK Spouse Visa English Test Providers

Choosing the right test provider for your UK spouse visa English test is a pivotal step. Not all English tests are recognised by the Home Office. Only those from approved test providers are valid for the visa application.

  • IELTS SELT Consortium: One of the most renowned entities, the IELTS SELT is tailored for UK visa applications. Their tests assess speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. This might be your top choice if you’re aiming for a widely accepted and recognised test.
  • Trinity College London: Another esteemed name on the Home Office-approved test providers list is Trinity College London. Their Examinations in Spoken English are tailored to meet the UK English language requirements for visa applications. Their tests are structured to assess real-life communication abilities in English.

Other approved spouse visa English test providers also include Pearson, LanguageCert, PSI Services (UK) Ltd, etc.

Retain your reference number when booking your test with any of these providers. This unique identifier is crucial when you submit your spouse visa application, as it confirms the validity of your test.

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Meeting the English Language Requirement

There are different ways to meet the English language prerequisite. Usually, taking an English test is the most convenient option. Those who have a degree taught in English may simply submit their transcripts to satisfy the requirement. However, not all spouses qualify for this option.

Taking a Home Office Approved Secure English Language Test

The term “Secure English Language Test” (SELT) might sound formidable. In reality, it’s a comprehensive check of your English skills, covering writing, speaking, and listening. Each SELT, conducted by approved test providers, upholds the same high standards.

However, a vital distinction to remember is that not all English tests qualify as SELTs. Only those from Home Office-approved entities like IELTS or the IELTS SELT consortium make the cut. Therefore, always ensure you schedule your test with an approved test centre to make sure your results are valid to fulfil the requirement for a spouse visa.

Using Academic Qualifications

If you’ve earned a degree taught in English and awarded outside the UK, it could meet your partner visa’s English language requirement. However, this degree must be comparable to a UK bachelor’s degree or higher.

The Home Office relies on ECCTIS (formerly UK NARIC) evaluations to validate such qualifications. They assess international academic qualifications to determine if they meet UK English language standards. 

If you’re considering using your degree for the visa application, you will need to submit a certificate from ECCTIS as well as your degree certificate, confirming its acceptance.

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Exemptions and Special Circumstances

For many seeking a UK spouse visa, proving English proficiency through a test is mandatory. However, there are exceptions:

  • Majority English-Speaking Nationals: Individuals from countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA, where English is the primary language,  don’t need a test. Their nationality speaks for their English foundation.
  • Age Consideration: Those aged 65 and above often get an exemption, recognising the challenges they might face learning English at an advanced age.
  • Health Issues: Some with long-term physical or mental conditions that majorly impact speech or hearing might be exempt. But, they must provide comprehensive medical documentation.
  • Previous Visa Holders: If you’ve secured a UK visa before and met the English requirement, then you might be exempt now, provided nothing has changed.

On rare occasions, unique situations might also grant an exemption. These are assessed individually by the Home Office. Always check the latest UK visas and immigration guidelines or consult an immigration lawyer to ensure you’re on the right track.

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Can I Apply for a UK Spouse Visa  without the Test?

While the English language test requirement is crucial, there are specific scenarios where spouse visa applicants might not need to take a test. Especially if you are from a country where English is the native language, you might not need to prove your English language through a test.

As mentioned, certain exemptions exist based on age, health conditions, or academic qualifications, which may also help you meet the requirements without taking the test. 


Getting a UK spouse visa takes a few steps. One of the most important is meeting the English language requirement. You have to prepare well, whether you take a test, use your college degree, or qualify for an exemption. With the right advice, you can get your spouse visa.

How Spouse Visa Lawyers Can Help

Over the years, Spouse Visa Lawyers has helped many foreign nationals apply for a spouse visa. We have provided expert advice and guided them with the English test. So, feel free to get professional help from us. We make sure you do it with confidence and correctly. Remember, every spouse visa application is a step towards a new chapter in the UK.

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You Ask, We Answer

FAQs About UK Fiance Visas

Yes, for your UK spouse visa application, the test must be taken from a Home Office approved test provider. It’s essential to check the list of approved English language tests to ensure the one you’re considering is recognised by the Home Office.

Your test certificate is typically useful for two years from the issue date. Ensure that it’s still valid on your date of application for the spouse visa.

No, the indefinite leave to remain English test requirements differ from the requirement for a spouse visa. You must pass the English language test at a minimum level of B1 for ILR.

If your degree from a university was taught in English, it might be used to meet the language requirement for a spouse visa. However, you need to get a certificate from ECCTIS (previously UK NARIC) to confirm its equivalency and English medium.

If you’re exempted from the English language test due to age or specific medical conditions, you must provide evidence supporting your exemption. Such as detailed documentation from a medical professional for health concerns.

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