UK Civil Partner Visa Financial Requirements

What Are the New UK Civil Partner Visa Financial Requirements 2024

Obtaining a Civil Partnership Visa is crucial for civil partners wishing to live together in the United Kingdom. Several conditions must be met throughout this procedure, the most important of which is economic requirement. It’s designed to ensure that individuals moving to the UK can support themselves financially without depending on public funds. 

Here is an overview of the financial requirements for securing a UK Civil Partner Visa. We’ll discuss the minimum income requirement, the different ways to meet this financial threshold, and more. Let’s get started. 

Understanding the Civil Partner Visa UK

The Civil Partner Visa in the UK is intended for persons in a registered relationship with a UK national or those with settled status, indefinite leave to remain, or refugee status in this country. This visa allows the non-UK partner to join their significant other in the United Kingdom, paving the way for them to settle in the UK.

Applicants who successfully obtain a Civil Partner Visa are granted permission to reside in the UK, typically for an initial period. During this period, visa holders can work and study in the UK without restrictions.

After living in the UK for a specified period under this visa, individuals may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). Achieving ILR is a crucial milestone, as it grants the visa holder permanent resident status in the UK.

This status removes time restrictions on the holder’s stay, further firming their ability to build a long-term future in the UK with their partner.

Requirements for UK Civil Partner Visa

To apply for a Civil Partner Visa in the UK, applicants must fulfil several criteria set by UK immigration to establish their eligibility. These requirements ensure that partners intending to live together in the UK have a genuine relationship and the financial means to support themselves without becoming reliant on public benefits.

Relationship Criteria

The applicant and their UK partner must be in a recognised civil partnership, equivalent to a marriage but for same-sex couples. This partnership must be legally recognised in the UK. Applicants must demonstrate that their connection is legitimate and that they want to reside together continually in the UK.

Financial Requirement

Applicants must show that they or their partner in the UK have a minimal salary or enough funds to sustain themselves.

As of spring 2024, the financial requirement involves showing a minimum income threshold, which could include income from employment, self-employment, or certain financial savings (explained in more detail below).


Applicants must also demonstrate satisfactory accommodation in the UK. This means having a living arrangement suitable for the couple (and any dependents) to live in without overcrowding.

English Language Requirement

There’s an English language requirement for applicants coming from outside the UK. This involves taking an authorised English language exam at the appropriate level or obtaining an academic certificate offered in English and certified by UK NARIC to be comparable to a UK undergraduate degree or above. The criterion is waived if the candidate is from an English-speaking nation. 

Immigration Status

If the applicant is already in the UK on a different route, they must ensure that their current visa allows them to switch to a Civil Partner Visa from within the UK. Those outside the UK will apply from their country of residence.

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Additional Requirements

  • Tuberculosis Screening: Applicants from countries identified as requiring tuberculosis testing must present a valid certificate confirming they are free from TB. This health clearance is a prerequisite for entry into the UK, ensuring public health safety.
  • Criminal Record Check: Applicants must have a clean criminal background, devoid of any serious offences, and they should not represent a risk to the security of the UK. This ensures that individuals entering the country contribute positively to society without posing security concerns.
UK Civil Partner Visa Financial Requirements

Financial Requirement for Civil Partner Visa

The financial prerequisite for obtaining a requirement for a spouse or partner visa, along with all UK family visas, is poised for significant revisions in 2024. 

Starting April 11th, 2024, the minimum income requirement necessary to sponsor a partner, spouse, or family member will rise from the longstanding threshold of £18,600 to £29,000. There will be an additional hike to £38,700 by early 2025.

For potential candidates, this move emphasises the significance of financial preparation. Sponsors must now meet this heightened threshold to avoid complications in their visa application process.

It’s essential for couples and families considering the Civil Partner Visa route to assess their financial situation early and explore all available means to satisfy this updated requirement.

Acceptable Sources of Income

As mentioned earlier, the financial requirement can be fulfilled in several methods. These include:

  • Employment and Self-Employment: Income from a job or self-employment can count towards meeting the minimum income requirement, provided it is from a legitimate and sustainable source. For those already in the UK and working legally, their earnings can be considered as part of the financial requirement.
  • Cash Savings: Savings can also be utilised to meet the financial requirement, provided they have been held for at least six months before the application. Currently, if your income falls short of the £18,600 threshold, you can offset this by having savings amounting to £62,500. Once the threshold rises to £29,000, you will need a savings of £88,500.
  • Other Sources: Other sources, such as pension income or non-work-related earnings (for example, property rental income or dividends from a limited company in the UK), can also contribute towards meeting the financial threshold.

It’s crucial for applicants to carefully prepare their financial documents, ensuring they clearly meet the requirements. This might involve detailed bank statements, employment letters, and other financial records, providing transparent evidence of meeting the minimum income threshold.


In some cases, there are exemptions to the financial requirement. For example, if the UK partner is receiving certain disability benefits or Carer’s Allowance, the financial requirement may be waived, and instead, they will need to demonstrate adequate maintenance.

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UK Civil Partner Visa Fee

The fee for the Civil Partner Visa is a critical component that applicants need to budget for, alongside meeting the financial requirements.

As of the latest information available up to early 2024, the application fee for a visa from outside the UK is approximately £1,846. This fee is £1,048 for in-country applications.

This charge covers the administration of the visa application alone and does not include any other expenses that may be incurred throughout the application procedure. These additional costs can include, but are not limited to, the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) to access the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). Currently, the IHS is set at £1,035 per year for each applicant.

Applicants seeking to expedite their UK Civil Partner Visa process can opt for ‘Priority Service’ at £500  or ‘Super Priority Service’ at £1000. This premium service is designed to fast-track the visa application review, aiming to provide a decision within 5 days, much quicker than the standard processing times. 

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FAQs About Civil Partnership Visa

The processing duration for a Civil Partner Visa can vary, typically taking up to 12 weeks for applications outside the UK. Opting for the Priority Service can expedite this process, offering a decision within a shorter time frame.

To meet the financial requirement for a spouse visa in the UK, you must demonstrate that you have a stable income source that meets or exceeds the minimum income threshold set by the UK government. This can include employment income, self-employment earnings, savings, or other permitted sources of revenue.

Yes, you can apply to extend your Civil Partner Visa before it expires. This extension will allow you to continue living in the UK with your partner, and you must meet the same financial requirements and relationship criteria as your initial application.

Certain exemptions to the financial requirement for a UK spouse visa application may apply in specific circumstances, such as if the applicant receives certain disability benefits. It’s important to consult the latest guidelines or seek professional advice to understand potential exemptions.

After residing continuously in the UK on a Civil Partner Visa for 5 years, you may be entitled to submit an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), which leads to permanent residency. 

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