PSW Dependant Visa Requirements

What Are PSW Dependant Visa Requirements in 2024?

The Post Study Work (PSW) Visa, officially known as the Graduate Visa, allows international students to seek work in the UK after completing their studies. The PSW Dependant Visa enables their partners and children, who already held dependant status under their student visa, to remain in the UK.

This article will explore the detailed requirements for securing a PSW Dependant Visa in 2024. Let’s get started.

Important Update Regarding PSW Dependant Visa

Significant changes have been introduced to the rules governing the eligibility of dependants accompanying international students to the UK as of January 2024. 

Under the new regulations, only those enrolled in postgraduate courses designated as research programmes, such as PhDs, other doctoral qualifications, and master’s programmes with a research component, will be permitted to bring their dependants.

Additionally, the UK government is currently reviewing the Graduate Dependant Visa. This review could lead to further changes in the dependant visa route, potentially affecting future applicants. 

PSW Dependant Visa Requirements 2024

Several requirements must be fulfilled to stay in the UK as a dependant of international students transitioning to the Post Study Work (PSW) Visa. These include:

Eligibility for Sponsor

If your partner and children are in the UK as dependants under your current Student visa, they are eligible to apply to extend their stay under your current PSW/ Graduate visa. It is important to note that if your child was born in the UK during your current student visa tenure, they, too, can apply as your dependant.

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Relationship Requirements

To qualify as a partner, proof of the relationship is essential and can be established through:

  • A civil partnership or marriage is recognised in the UK.
  • Evidence of cohabitation in a relationship equivalent to marriage or civil union for a minimum of 2 years at the time of application.
  • Demonstrating a longstanding relationship of at least two years where cohabitation isn’t possible, often due to professional, educational, or cultural reasons. For such cases, evidence of regular communication, financial interdependence, joint care of children, and time spent together may be required to substantiate the ongoing commitment.

To be qualified as child dependant:

  • Children must typically have been dependants under your student visa to apply. Exceptions are made for children born in the UK during your studies; these children do not need to have been previously registered as dependants.
  • The child must already be registered as your dependant in the UK. Unless they are enrolled in a full-time institution away from home, like a boarding school or a university, they need to remain with you. They must not be in a civil relationship or married.
  • Proof of relationship and residence is required for each child, whether under or over 18. This might include documents like a birth certificate, credit card bill, driving licence, or bank statement with the child’s address.

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Documents Required for a UK Graduate Dependant Visa

Applying for a UK Graduate Dependant Visa involves submitting a comprehensive set of documents to support the eligibility of the dependants. These include: 

  1. A valid passport or other travel documents that confirm the identity and nationality of the dependant.
  2. Partner or spouse may need to provide marriage certificates, civil partnership certificates, or proof of cohabitation for at least two years (joint bills, joint bank account statements, rental agreements) to prove that the relationship is legit. For children, birth certificates, adoption papers, or court orders (in the case of legal guardianship).
  3. Copies of current visas or biometric residence permits to prove the dependant’s current status under the student’s visa.
  4. Bank statements or salary slips demonstrate the Graduate Visa holder’s ability to support their dependants financially without recourse to public funds.
  5. Evidence of adequate accommodation in the UK, such as a rental agreement or a property deed, to prove that there are suitable arrangements for living without recourse to public benefits.
  6. Proof of Continuous Relationship. This may include communication logs, photographs, travel documents showing trips taken together, and other documents that show the relationship has been maintained over time.
  7. For children enrolled in educational institutions, official letters from the institution confirming their enrollment and the course details.

Any document not in English or Welsh must be translated into English by a certified translator. Ensure all documents are current and valid at the time of the application. Expired documents can lead to delays or rejection of the visa application.

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Since you’ve been in the UK for more than 12 months, there are no financial requirements for dependants, nor is there a requirement for them to meet English language criteria.

Processing times can vary depending on where the application is made and the case’s specific circumstances. On average, it might take around 8 weeks.

Yes, dependants are allowed to work in the UK. However, there are some restrictions regarding working in certain professions such as Professional Sports Coach, Doctor, Dentist in training, etc.

The required documents include proof of the relationship to the main visa holder (like marriage certificates for spouses or birth certificates for children), evidence of the main visa holder’s immigration status in the UK, proof of adequate maintenance funds if applicable, and evidence of suitable accommodation.

Yes, dependants on a UK visa are allowed to study, provided they meet any requirements set by the institution and course they choose to enrol in.

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