Proof of Funds for UK Dependant Visa

Proof of Funds for UK Dependant Visa Explained

The UK Dependant Visa lets family members, such as a partner or child, join the main visa holder in the UK. This can include dependants of individuals holding certain types of visas, including the Skilled Worker Visa and some other long-term visas.

One vital requirement when applying for a UK Dependent Visa is to meet the financial requirement by showing adequate funds to support yourself and any dependants without relying on public funds. This financial prerequisite ensures that applicants can comfortably sustain themselves while staying in the UK. 

This blog post will explore the specifics of what constitutes proof of funds, the required amounts, acceptable evidence, and the implications of failing to meet this requirement.

Understanding the Proof of Funds Requirement

The requirement for proof of funds is fundamental to the UK Visa application process. Basically, it is all about showing financial evidence to confirm that the applicant has enough money to cover living expenses for themselves and their dependants.

This evidence is required for both initial visa applications and visa extensions. Ensuring adequate funds are available helps applicants plan their move more effectively, covering initial costs like accommodation, food, and other living expenses upon arriving in the UK.

This requirement is enforced by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). Proving financial stability reassures the UK government that the dependants will not become a burden on public funds, which is a significant concern for immigration authorities.

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Amount of Funds Required for Dependant Visa UK

The amount of funds required for a UK Dependant Visa varies based on the variation of visa maintained by the primary applicant and the number of dependants involved. Let’s explore the required funds for some of the visas: 

Skilled Worker Dependant Visa

If the main applicant holds a Skilled Worker Visa, each dependant must demonstrate they have at least £285 for a partner, £315 for the first child, and £200 for each subsequent child. These amounts are in addition to the funds the main applicant must show to meet their own maintenance requirements.

Student Dependant Visa

Dependants of Student Visa holders must show they have £845 per month (for up to 9 months) if the main applicant is studying in London. For those studying outside London, the amount required is £680 per month (for up to 9 months). 

It’s important to note that not all foreign student visa holders are qualified to bring dependant from 2024. Only PhD or research-based higher degree students can bring dependents.

Entrepreneur visa (Tier 1)

If you currently reside in the UK  on an Entrepreneur visa (Tier 1), you can bring dependants. You must exhibit that you have adequate funds to sustain each dependant for the first 12 months of their stay. Specifically, you need to have £1,890 available for each dependant.

Innovator Founder Visa

Like the Skilled Worker visa, you need at least £285 for a partner, £315 for the first child, and £200 for each additional child.

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Acceptable Forms of Financial Evidence for UK Dependant Visa

When applying for a UK Dependant Visa, it is crucial to provide acceptable evidence demonstrating you have the necessary funds to support your dependants.

The UK Home Office has specific guidelines on the types of financial documents that are considered valid. Ensuring your documentation meets these standards is essential for a prosperous visa application.

These include:

  1. Regulated Financial Institutions: The funds must be kept in a financial institution that utilises electronic record-keeping and is regulated by the appropriate regulatory body in the country where it operates. This allows UKVI to perform satisfactory verification checks to confirm the legitimacy of the funds.
  2. Ownership of the Account:
    • The account must belong to the applicant or their dependant partner, who is either applying simultaneously or has already received permission.
    • A parent or legal guardian can also maintain the funds for dependent children and student visas.
    • For Child Students, the funds may alternatively be maintained by a close relative or private foster carer accountable for their care.
    • For visa routes that allow third-party support, the funds can be held by a third party.
  3. Type of Account: The funds must be kept in a personal bank or building society account. This can include current accounts, deposit accounts, savings accounts, and pensions from which money can be withdrawn or an investment account, as long as the funds are accessible immediately.

Examples of Acceptable Accounts

The funds must be available during the application period. This means they should not be in fixed-term deposits or other accounts where the funds cannot be readily withdrawn. UKVI needs to be assured that the applicant can access the funds to support themselves and their dependants while in the UK.

Examples of acceptable accounts include:

  • Personal Bank Account: A standard current or savings account in the name of the applicant, their partner, or an eligible third party, as specified.
  • Building Society Account: An account held with a building society that meets the regulatory requirements.
  • Pension Accounts: Pensions that allow for fund withdrawals and immediate access.
  • Investment Accounts: Accounts that allow immediate access to the required funds.

UKVI performs verification checks to ensure that the financial documents and the institutions holding these funds meet the required standards. Therefore, providing accurate and verifiable financial documentation from recognised and regulated financial institutions is crucial.

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To meet the financial requirement for a UK Dependant Visa, applicants must show they have access to a specified amount of money to cover living costs in the UK. The amount differs depending on the main applicant’s visa. 

Yes, even if you are already in the UK on a valid visa and want to switch, you still need to provide proof of funds when applying for a UK Dependant Visa.

Yes, you can apply for a dependant visa for children born in the UK, provided you meet the eligibility requirements and have the necessary funds to support them.

If your application is rejected, you will receive a notice of refusal that describes the rationale behind the decision. You may have the option to request an administrative review or appeal the decision, depending on the grounds for refusal. Pursuing expert legal guidance in such cases is highly recommended.

Yes, dependants of visa holders such as the Skilled Worker Visa or Student Visa are generally allowed to work in the UK. However, specific conditions may apply, so it’s important to review the visa requirements.

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