How to File for a Fiance Visa UK

How to file for a fiance visa UK?

Learn how to file for a Fiance Visa UK successfully. Our comprehensive guide covers the step-by-step application process, required documents, and expert tips to help you smoothly navigate the path to reuniting with your loved one in the United Kingdom.

The road to marriage can be bureaucratic, especially when it crosses international borders. If you or your partner are from the UK and preparing to settle there by first getting married, you’ll probably require a visa to do this, like the UK Fiance Visa.

In this guide, we will explore the steps of the Fiance Visa application process, from understanding its basics to addressing potential challenges. 

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Importance of process to file for a Fiance Visa UK

The process to file for a Fiance Visa UK is of paramount importance for individuals seeking to unite with their loved ones in the United Kingdom. This meticulous process ensures that applicants meet the legal requirements, financial obligations, and documentation standards set by UK immigration authorities. Properly following this process not only increases the likelihood of a successful visa application but also reduces the risk of delays, rejections, or complications that can separate loved ones for an extended period. Furthermore, it underscores the significance of adhering to immigration laws, contributing to a smooth transition and the eventual establishment of a life together in the UK, making it a crucial step for couples eager to begin their journey in the country.

Understanding the Fiance Visa

Fiancé(e) Visa

When two individuals decide to marry in the UK, borders should not hold them back. The UK Fiancé Visa is the best visa path for this. If your spouse is settled in the UK, and you are preparing to get married there, this visa is your key to starting your dream life together. Under the UK fiance visa you will have six months to enter the UK and get married.

Once wedded, you can apply to swap from this visa to the Spouse Visa from inside the country. You don’t have to leave the UK to do this. However, note that you cannot work on a Fiancé(e) Visa. Amongst the diverse visas offered by the UK immigration system for those desiring to live with their families in the UK, the Fiancé Visa holds a special status.

That is because – while a visitor visa facilitates you to marry in the UK, they don’t grant the right to stay in the UK post-marriage. Contrarily, a Fiancé Visa permits you to enter the UK, marry, and later apply to stretch your stay as a spouse.

To apply for a UK Fiancé Visa, you need to be the fiancé or proposed civil partner of a settled UK resident. Your partner should be a UK citizen or hold indefinite leave to remain. Both of you must be free to marry, which means being in no other relationships, and have a minimum age of 18 years – the legal age to be married.

Furthermore, you must prepare to marry within six months of arriving in the country. This visa isn’t intended for long-term stays and must be switched to a Spouse Visa after marriage so you can stay longer and establish a permanent life with your partner.

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Fiance Visa Requirements

To apply successfully for a UK Fiancé Visa, understanding its requirements is crucial. There are some fundamental requirements which are as follows.

A. Financial Requirements

The current financial requirement for UK Spouse Visas is £29,000 as of April 11th 2024. This is set to change to £34,500 later in the year, after which it will rise further to £38,700 by early 2025. This threshold is subject to regular modifications by the UK government. For the most recent information on how to fulfil these financial requirements through income, savings, pensions and investments, we encourage you to read our page on family visa financial requirements or get in touch with us.

Payslips, statements from the bank, or a letter from a company are all acceptable forms of proof of your partner’s income. The Home Office must be convinced that you have sufficient funds to support yourselves appropriately.

B. Relationship Requirements

The relationship requirements are in place to prove the genuineness of your relationship with your UK partner. You must show proof that your relationship with your UK partner is real. This can include correspondence, photos together, evidence of visits, and statements from friends and family.

The UK Home Office will evaluate numerous aspects to ascertain the authenticity of your relationship. Factors considered include the duration of your relationship, the time spent living together, and any future plans together in the UK. 

C. English Language Requirement

English language requirements for partner visa applications are an integral part of the UK Fiancé(e) Visa application. When you apply, you must show that you’re competent in the English language. This usually means passing an authorised English language test.

The test should be at level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Exceptions to the English language proficiency requirement include those aged 65 or over, individuals with physical or mental conditions, and those from majority English-speaking countries.

D. Accommodation Requirement

Finally, you are required to provide proof that there is sufficient housing available for you and your partner in the UK. This can be proven through a letter from a friend or relative if you are going to stay with them, a rental contract, a loan statement, etc.

Application Process for a Fiancé(e) Visa 

Fiancé(e) Visa

The application for a Fiancé(e) Visa is made from outside the UK. The application procedure includes the following phases:

  • Prepare Your Documents: Start by collecting all the necessary supporting documents. These should cover all aspects of the visa requirements, including financial, relationship, English language, and accommodation.
  • Complete the Online Application: After that, complete the online application. The application needs you to deliver details about yourself, your mate, and your association. Be honest and consistent with your answers.
  • Pay the Visa Fee: Pay the application fee online. Even if your visa is rejected, this is not refundable. 
  • Biometric Information: Once the application is presented, you must deliver your biometric info(fingerprints and a picture) to a visa application centre.
  • Attend an Interview: Sometimes, you might be asked to attend an interview. 
  • Wait for the Decision: Your application will be processed once the above steps are completed. Once your visa application is successful, it will be stamped onto your passport.

Fiance Visa Application Fees and Processing Time

The cost of a UK Fiancé Visa application is approximately £1846 and typically takes two to three months to process. However, this might change based on your application’s specifics. 

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Transitioning to a Spouse Visa: Key Requirements

Similar requirements apply for switching to a Spouse Visa as they do for a Fiancé(e) Visa. These requirements include satisfying the financial requirements, proving English language ability, and providing evidence of suitable living circumstances. Additionally, you must provide documentation proving your marriage is real and that you want to live together permanently in the UK.

Moving to a Spouse Visa signifies a successful immigration progression from a Fiancé(e) Visa. The Spouse Visa gives you the right to work in the UK, as well as a primary residence permit of 2.5 years.  Moreover, after it expires, you can apply for an extension of an extra 2.5 years. 

After five years on a Spouse Visa, you may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). ILR presents you with the privilege of settling in the UK without restrictions on the span of your stay. 

While the journey of applying for a Fiancé(e) Visa, getting married, and subsequently transitioning to a Spouse Visa might appear challenging, it’s completely achievable with proper understanding and preparation.

Do not hesitate to get professional help if necessary – ensuring your immigration journey is a seamless process and becomes a wonderful foundation for your shared life in the UK. 

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Need Help with Fiancé Visa Application?

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You Ask, We Answer

FAQs About UK Fiance Visas

The processing period for a UK Fiancé(e) Visa varies, but typically, you can expect a decision within 12 weeks from the date of application. Nonetheless, if there are complications or further information is required, this timeframe may extend.

In the event of a refusal of your UK Fiancé(e) Visa application, you have the option to request an appeal. Alternatively, you can lodge a new application. In such instances, it is often advisable to enlist professional guidance to enhance the prospects of successful outcomes in future applications.

The UK Fiancé(e) Visa does not provide the option for an extension. Following your marriage in the UK, you are expected to change to a Spouse Visa. This status alteration will facilitate your continued legal residence in the UK.

No, the Fiancé(e) Visa does not allow you to work in the UK. The main objective of this visa category is to enable you to enter and marry your partner. However, post-marriage, when you transition to a Spouse Visa, you will be granted the right to employment.

Yes, as a vital part of the UK Fiancé(e) Visa application process, you and your partner should have met in person at least once. Additionally, the preference to live together permanently in the UK post-marriage should be clear.

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