Bring My Albanian Wife Or Girlfriend To The UK

How Can I Bring My Albanian Wife Or Girlfriend To The UK?

Bringing Your Albanian Wife Or Girlfriend To The UK

Navigating the complexities of immigration regulations can be both challenging and overwhelming, especially when it concerns uniting with your loved one. If you are a British citizen or permanent resident eager to bring your Albanian wife or girlfriend to the United Kingdom, you are certainly in the right place. 

This comprehensive guide is dedicated to shedding light on the complicated nature of UK family visas, offering clarity, understanding, and actionable advice that can transform your aspiration into a reality. By providing a clear roadmap of the necessary legal steps, paperwork, and prerequisites, we aim to eliminate any guesswork, guiding you towards a smooth transition for your partner into British life. 

Let’s get started!

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The Fiancé Visa Route

Bring My Albanian Wife Or Girlfriend To The UK

The Fiancé Visa provides an excellent pathway for those who intend to marry their Albanian partners in the United Kingdom. As a short-term entry clearance, this visa allows your fiancée to stay in the UK for six months, during which you are expected to have your marriage. Once married, your Albanian wife can switch her status to a Spouse Visa Visa to continue her life in the UK with you.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Sponsor’s Status

To qualify as a supporting partner, you are required to hold British nationality, possess permanent residency, have settled status, or have been granted refugee or humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom. 

2. Relationship Status

The cornerstone of this visa is the genuine intention to marry your partner within six months of her arrival in the UK. The visa application must show that you are free to marry, which means there is no other active relationship or civil partnership with someone else.

3. Age Requirement

You and your significant other have to be at least 18 years old when applying.

4. Financial Requirement

The financial threshold requirement for ALL family visas is now £29,000 as of April 11th, 2024. This will be followed by increases to £34,500 later in the year and then to £38,700 by early 2025. The UK government often changes this requirement. For the most up-to-date information on how to meet the new requirements, visit our page on family visa financial requirements or contact us directly.

5. Wedding Plans

A well-documented plan for your marriage is required, which should include evidence of arrangements made or expenditures already incurred, such as venue bookings and ceremony plans.

6. English Language Proficiency

Your Albanian partner must demonstrate that they have a basic command of the English language, which is commonly verified by taking an A1-level English language exam that has been authorised. Another way to demonstrate language competency is to have a legitimate degree that was taught in English.

7. Accommodation Requirement

You are required to provide appropriate accommodation for your partner in the UK, one that adheres to living standards and is not overcrowded.

8. Stay Duration and Return Plans

Your partner should intend to stay in the UK for no longer than the six months allowed by the Fiancé Visa and must not aim to make the UK their primary residence at this stage. There should be proof that she has the means to return to Albania to cover her travel expenses.

Remember, the immigration journey is a legal process with intricate rules and regulations. Understanding each requirement will significantly enhance the likelihood of a successful visa application, bringing you one step closer to living together in the UK.

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Processing Time And Decision

The duration it takes for a Fiancé Visa application to be processed can fluctuate, but generally, you can expect a response within a span of 2 to 3 months. Upon the verdict, your Albanian partner will be informed. If the visa is approved, she can start arranging to travel and join you in the UK.

Once she lands in the UK, you both must proceed with your marriage within the prescribed six-month period. Following this, she will need to switch to a Spouse Visa to continue living with you in the UK. Please note the Fiancé Visa does not grant the right to work or access public funds in the UK.

If you require assistance in manoeuvring the maze of the UK Fiancé Visa application process, we are more than ready to provide expert guidance. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for support on your journey towards reuniting with your loved one in the UK.

The Spouse Visa Route

Bring My Albanian Wife Or Girlfriend To The UK

The Spouse Visa serves as an optimal path for UK nationals or settled persons married to Albanian counterparts. This visa allows your Albanian partner to live, work, and further their studies in the UK for 2 years and 9 months, with the possibility of an extension. Following five years of uninterrupted residency in the UK, they could become qualified to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), paving the way for an application for British Citizenship thereafter.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Sponsor’s Status

You, as the sponsoring partner, must hold British citizenship, permanent residency, settled status, or refugee or humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom.

2. Marital Status

The United Kingdom should recognise/authorise your marriage to your partner. Evidence of your wedding, such as a marriage certificate, is necessary. Providing proof of living together for at least two years and asserting the intention to settle permanently in the UK is mandatory.

3. Age Requirement

Both the applicant and their partner must be of legal age (18 years old) to apply.

4. Financial Requirements

The financial criteria for all family visas in the UK is £29,000 as of April 11th 2024. Later in the year, it will rise once again to £34,500 later in the year and then to £38,700, as anticipated by early 2025. The UK government frequently updates these requirements. For the latest information and guidance on meeting these financial standards through income, savings, pensions, investments and more, read our dedicated page, or please contact us directly.

5. English Language Proficiency

The applicant must demonstrate an adequate command of the English language to meet Home Office requirements, usually accomplished by passing an authorised English language test at the A1 level.

6. Accommodation Requirements

As the sponsor in the UK, you must provide proof of adequate accommodation for your spouse in the UK, ensuring it meets the standard living conditions for a couple as well as for the dependents if there is any. 

Process Time and Decision 

The timeframe for processing a Spouse Visa can vary, but most applications receive a decision within approximately 3 months. Once a verdict is reached, your spouse will be informed, and if the visa is granted, she can begin making arrangements to join you in the UK.

Once in the UK, she will have the freedom to live, work, and study without limitations. After spending five years on the Spouse Visa, she may become qualified to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), granting her permanent residency rights.

If you need expert advice on bringing your Albanian spouse to the UK via the Spouse Visa route, don’t hesitate to contact us for specialised support. We strive to make your journey to build a shared life in the UK easier.

The Civil Partnership Route

albanian partner

The Civil Partnership Visa serves as an excellent choice for those in a civil partnership with their Albanian partners, with either party having a qualifying status in the UK. This visa grants the civil partner the right to live, work, and study in the UK for an initial duration of 30 to 33 months, with the possibility of extending up to 5 years.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Sponsor’s Status

You must have British nationality, permanent residency, settled status, or refugee or humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom as the supporting partner.

2. Relationship Status

Your civil partnership with your spouse must be legally recognised in the United Kingdom and must not fall within the range of forbidden levels of relationship. Both of you must have met in person, have a genuine and subsisting association, and plan to live together in the UK indefinitely. Any prior relationship must have been halted.

3. Age Requirement

Both spouses must be at least 18 years old while applying to be considered qualified.

4. Financial Requirement

The income threshold for all UK family visas is £29,000 as of April 11th 2024. It will rise again to £34,500 later in the year, after which it will rise to £38,700 by early 2025. Changes to these financial requirements are a common practice by the UK government. Read our page on family visa financial requirements for current and detailed advice on complying with these financial criteria and how you can meet them through income, savings, investments, pensions and more. Or contact us directly for a consultation.

5. Adequate Accommodation

The sponsor must have suitable housing in the UK that complies with Home Office requirements for the mate and any dependents.

6. English Language Requirement

The applicant needs to exhibit English language proficiency, typically achieved by passing a recognised English language test at the A1 level or by possessing a degree that was taught in English.

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Processing Time And Decision

The Home Office maintains a service standard of 12 weeks (or 3 months) for processing Civil Partner Visa applications originating from overseas. Initially, a Civil Partner Visa is granted for 33 months when applied for from outside the UK or 30 months if applied for within the UK. An additional extension of 30 months is needed to total the 5-year period.

After five years on a Civil Partner Visa, individuals are qualified to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK. This is contingent upon upholding the civil partnership, living with your partner in the UK, and persistently meeting the previously mentioned financial requirements.

How Do I Demonstrate the Legitimacy of the Relationship?

Establishing the genuine and ongoing nature of your relationship is a vital part of the spouse visa application process. Here’s how you can demonstrate this:

Documentation of Your Relationship Timeline

Provide tangible evidence of your relationship journey. This can include dated photos of you and your partner together at various times and locations, correspondence or messages, travel tickets from trips you took together, and any other documentation that shows the progression of your relationship over time.

Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate

If you are married, or in a civil partnership, your certificate serves as an important piece of evidence. It’s crucial that your marriage or civil partnership is considered legal by UK law.

Joint Financial Responsibilities

Evidence of shared financial commitments like joint bank accounts, rent agreements, utility bills in both names or joint property ownership can significantly bolster your case.

Communication Evidence

Regular contact between you and your partner, such as phone logs, emails, and social media exchanges, helps demonstrate an ongoing affinity.

Supporting Statements

Written testimonies from friends, family, or other third parties who can attest to the genuineness of your association can also be very beneficial.

Remember, the more evidence you can provide to show that your relationship is genuine and continuing, the stronger your application will be. Ensure you collate all these documents well in advance of your application. If you’re unsure, our Spouse Visa experts can help guide you through this process and offer tailored advice on how best to demonstrate the authenticity of your relationship.

You Ask, We Answer


No, it is not possible to go from a visitor visa to a spouse visa in the United Kingdom. To apply for a spouse visa, you’ll probably have to go back to your place of origin. 

If your visa application is rejected, you will get a chance to appeal. Please note that your subsequent actions will largely depend on your specific circumstances and the grounds for the refusal. In these circumstances, it is highly recommended to speak with an immigration lawyer.

Yes, children under can be included as dependents on your spouse visa application if they are eligible. In this case, you must showcase sufficient financial means to support them without relying on public funds.

If you and your spouse have been living in the UK continuously for 5 years on a spouse visa and you continue to fulfil the other conditions, you may become qualified to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

Yes, you are generally required to pass an English language test at the A1 level from an approved test provider unless you are exempt due to unavoidable circumstances such as having a degree taught in English.

The NHS healthcare surcharge is a fee the applicants pay to use the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).  If you are seeking a visa or immigration for more than 6 months, you must disburse this charge.

Seek Expert Assistance with Your Spouse Visa Application Now!

At Spouse Visa Lawyers, we stand ready to transform the journey of bringing your partner to the UK into a seamless process. Our experts are well-versed in navigating the intricacies of visa applications, ensuring yours is handled with the utmost precision and attention.

Understanding the specific eligibility requirements, navigating through document necessities, and ensuring a strong application – these are all areas where we excel. Our team provides personalised support aimed at enhancing your application’s strength, thereby boosting your success probability.

Don’t let the sophistication of the visa process overwhelm you. Reach out to us today, and let’s venture on this voyage together. Your peace of mind and your partner’s successful visa application are just a call away!

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